Schuylkill Valley Model Railroad Club 

Phoenixville, Pa

The Details

Scale: HO
Layout Area: 1000 square feet
Prototype: Freelanced trunk-line
Period: Mid to late 50's
Locale: Southeastern & Central PA
Style: Single level point-to-point
Length of Main Line: over 700 feet
Track Height: 42" to 53"
Max Grade: <3%
Yard & Industrial Turnouts: #4
Predominant Main Line Turnouts: #10
Minimum Radius: 20"
Construction Method: L-girder, cookie-cutter
Roadbed: Sealed Homasote
Scenery: Hardshell
Inter-Panel Communications: Hard wired phone system
Control: DCC block, DCC on CC&N branch, 14 panels

Schuylkill Valley Model Railroad Club   400 South Main Street,  Phoenixville, Pa  19460